You disturbed my peace,
yet brought me harmony.
You challenge my spirit,
yet nourish it.
Your presence speaks volumes -
through your respect
and unabated kindness.

The awe-inspiring act of giving life
comes easy for you -
because you do it through love.
You gave the entirety of your being
to love,
so that you may offer this last
ultimate sacrifice of selflessness
to me.
So that we may join together
to fulfill a prophecy,
to complete the alignment of stars,
to shift the tide of time.

When our eyes meet -
our souls brush against each other
ever so lightly,
slowing the breath of the world
to a mere whisper.
Time exhales.
Angels take respite in its folds.

Our eyes meet -
silencing the shrill of morality.

You bring me peace.
Nourish my spirit.
You breathe life into me...
yet leave me breathless...