davidbong photography is pleased to offer:

  • personal portrait sitting
  • couple's portrait sitting
  • 'you and your pet' portrait sitting
  • family portrait sitting

A sitting is normally 1 - 2 hours. David uses an approach that he calls practical spirituality to capture what we often cannot see. It took David over 30 years of personal spiritual work to be able to tap into a person's essence and make it show through his portraits.

20140424_8174 copy.jpg

"Your work captured my essence in a way I wasn't expecting. You found the vulnerability that I rarely see when I look in the mirror. Your photos capture the evidence of me having lived and loved and celebrated my life. I feel like your photos revealed to me that I too am the work of art, as everyone one of us.

The photo of me and my 18 year old dog Nabou is stunning! Especially considering the fact that Nabou wasn't used to strangers and you had less than five minutes to capture the shot."

Olivia, the artist's muse, had several sittings with David throughout the last couple of years. Here is what her mother, Donna-Rae had to say after the last sitting:

Thank you very much David for giving Olivia the opportunity! She has grown from working with you and has learned more about her inner self and how to express it in photos."

Another of our favourite artists, Bodhi Jones, said:



David reached into my soul...

Your photo sitting will be an unprecedented experience of personal growth and discovery, the keepsake of which will be your personal portrait reminding you for years to come of your essence and spiritualness.



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