David, EXCELLENT work and done with such a beautiful intention and spiritn
— Valerie Irvine
Wow!!! Spectacular. I’m speechless really.
— Dr. Susan Turner
David Bong is an Artist Photographer who is well known for his ‘FACES OF HUMANITY’, black and white portrait series. David Bong’s positive message of inclusive humanity, and his ability to capture an essence that emanates from person or place, is one of the things that make his photography unique and compelling. His approach to portraits links back to the earliest days of photography when it was thought that taking a picture of a person could somehow capture a part of their soul. In David Bong’s case, he is less like a soul stealer and more like a soul revealer.
— Scarlet Black, (MFA) Artist-Photographer
absolutely awesome...awesome...awesome! Incredible talent, David...
— Marion Kirk
The images are very moving to look at.”

”Windows to the soul, connections...”

”Captivating - like you know each person instinctively...”

”Wonderful images that truly do connect people. Thank you...”

”Thank you! Christ looks out down every face...”

”Fabulous - we are all connected...
— FACES OF HUMANITY - in black & white exhibit at Lynn Valley United Gallery, June 2013